George Gerald Panagiotis is a young chef but very ambitious and talented. He graduated from the Italian School in Athens. Studying there for 12 years, he learned the Italian language, its history and culture. All these knowledge were useful to him during his course in the world of culinary. He was still a young boy when he discovered that there was something that fascinates him about the culinary art.

At the age of 17, he decided to work in a professional kitchen to find out whether that was what he really wanted to follow. It wasn’t the best of experiences but at least it was worth it. So, when he finished high school in 2009 he attended a private cooking school for 2 years. There he learned the fundamentals of Cooking and Restaurant. The journey begins with the practice at the Radisson Blue Park Hotel in the center of Athens where he was under the guidance of the Executive Chef Christian Robert and the Italian Chef, as well as restaurant owner, Gianluca Barlucchi.

The latter believed in his progress and made him part of his team. For the next two seasons, he worked in the second restaurant Mr. Barlucchi opened, “Bandanna”, in Mykonos. The experienced gained during this period, helped in his growth and creativity. In winter 2013, he met the person who trusted him the most, the well known Sommelier and the restaurant owner Mr. Ivan Ottaviani.

Mr. Ottiaviani left him in charge of the restaurant “Stella di Mare” which was part of the 4Stars hotel in Mykonos “San Giorgio”, member of the Design Hotels. Ending with great success this mission, the chef feels like he has now owned many cooking and administrative experiences. The success he had in administrating the kitchen of the “Stella di Mare” restaurant, makes its owner to trust him the kitchen of another well-known and awarded restaurant “Sale & Pepe” in Kolonaki, Athens.

The following summer will be full of important opportunities for his carrier. He chose to work next to the Japanese Takaaki Otsuka, Sushi Chef at the “Inbi” Restaurant as well as at the luxurious hotel “Costa Navarino”, the two men collaborate toghether in a new sushi bar named Yoko Sushi & Bento in Kolonaki, Athens. This way he fulfilled one of his dreams: to learn the secrets of the Japanese gastronomy. Next, he works as a Private Chef in Mykonos where he has the opportunity to continuously create new recepies and improve his techniques. He also had the chance to cook for very important personalities in the world of art and business. During winter 2014, collaborates again with Mr. Ivan Ottaviani taking charge of the kitchen of “Sale & Pepe” Restaurant in Kolonaki and subsequently that of the same restaurant in Mykonos.

Thus, working with successful people not only in the world of cooking but in that of the restaurant as well, the chef is fascinated from the art of restaurant. He decides to expand his knowledge further by firstly studying ‘Food Marketing’ then ‘Food Chemistry and Nutrition Technology’ at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, in order to better understand the first material. At the same time, he attends important seminars and is continually informed on the new trends of gastronomy and restaurant in order to improve even more.














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